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Leap horse industry Beauty equipment manufacturers

Product center
  • Beauty paraffin machine
  • Depilatory wax machine
  • Beauty wax & depilatory wax machine
  • Ultraviolet disinfection cabinet
  • Nail phototherapy machine
  • Manicure lamp
  • Ultrasonic cleaner
  • All kinds of accessories
  • Small wax therapy machine Guangzhou wax therapy machine, Guangzhou leap horse beauty wax therapy machine manufacturers customized.

  • Wax therapy machine wholesale, horse drawn wax therapy machine wholesale, wholesale, suitable for family, beauty salon wax therapy machine.

  • High grade wax therapy machine, advanced wax therapy machine, made by the manufacturer of advanced wax therapy machine.

  • High grade wax therapy machine, high grade wax therapy machine, customized high quality wax therapy machine, high quality and durable.

  • Mini paraffin therapy machine, mini wax therapy machine, customized Mini wax therapy machine, horse racing factory direct sale.

  • 美容脱毛蜡机|美容蜡机厂家定做|跃马美容蜡机批发价格更实惠

  • 美容蜡疗机|美容蜡疗机批发|广州蜡疗机厂家批发

  • 蜡疗机定做|蜡疗机厂家|蜡疗机批发跃马厂家价格实惠

  • 厂家批发脱毛蜡机|脱毛蜡机迷你款定做|脱毛蜡机货真价实

  • 私人脱毛蜡机定做|定制脱毛蜡机厂家|跃马脱毛蜡机价格实惠

  • 脱毛蜡机定制|脱毛蜡机厂家直销|广州跃马厂家直销

  • 脱毛蜡机定做|小型脱毛蜡机批发|脱毛蜡机小款使用更方便

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  • 脱毛蜡机|小型脱毛蜡机|脱毛蜡机携带方便

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  • 美甲消毒器|厂家直销紫外线消毒器|美甲消毒器批发

  • 小型美甲光疗机|小型光疗机定做|小型美甲机试用范围广

  • 迷你美甲光疗机|迷你美甲光疗机批发|小型美甲光疗机定做

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  • 美甲光疗机|美甲光疗机批发|美甲光疗机厂家

  • 工厂批发36wuv灯白色美甲光疗机紫外线机烘甲机Nail Dryer

  • 现货小功率美甲灯2.5W LED光疗机厂家批发LED Nail Dryer

  • 工厂现货迷你led烘甲机 美甲光疗机一个手指 LED Nail Dryer

  • 跨境货源工厂直批美容院、家用美甲桌专用照明灯NAIL LAMP

  • 跨境货源工厂直批美容院、家用美甲桌专用照明灯NAIL LAMP

  • 厂家直销迷你小器具珠宝 指甲超声波清洁器 Ultrasonic Cleaner

  • 跃马工厂现货批发美甲台吸尘机 抽风机Nail table draft fan

Guangzhou City leap Horse Industrial Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Yuema Industrial Co., Ltd. focuses on the wholesale supply of beauty equipment, nail salon, nail salon machine, sample copying development; 12 years of team experience, production base area of more than 10,000 square meters, a number of high-end modern production lines, with 1,000 square meters of beauty equipment research and development laboratory, Yuema beauty equipment base dedicated and innovative, covering Hand and foot products: cosmetic equipment, hand film, foot film and supporting product areas, formed a rich product system.

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