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Nail manufacturer: is roadside nail shop safe? It's better to buy equipment and go home.

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  Nail manufacturer: is roadside nail shop safe? It's better to buy equipment and go home.
  Is the roadside nail shop safe? Can nail also be infected?
It's really possible that all the equipment used is public, but it depends on whether the merchant has disinfected it. Is the roadside nail shop safe? If you feel unsafe, then buy a set of nail salon home to do it, the price is very affordable yo!Guangzhou leap horse nail machine manufacturersProfessional nail equipment for many years, rich experience, exclusive help you make, but also help you design.


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Beauty is the pursuit of contemporary women, which also makes women's consumption a hot topic. Curbside nail salons can be seen everywhere, in the grasp of women's beauty psychology at the same time, pay more attention to the considerable profits. The question is, can the hygienic safety of these nail shops guarantee?
Manicure has become an important part of the daily consumption of beauties. With the rapid development of nail polishing industry, nail polishing projects have been developed into drilling, phototherapy and many other nail polishing projects. But is the health and safety supervision of these items in place?




      Nail manufacturer: is roadside nail shop safe? It's better to buy equipment and go home. 

Nail may also be infected. Love beauty is more healthy.
Manicure is a good thing, but if you use unhygienic manicure tools, you can turn good things into bad things.



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  "Now there are more and more women who love beauty. Manicure is no more common. But I have also had contact with patients with nail disease due to nail polish. Wang Wanjuan, chief physician of Department of Dermatology, Second Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an Jiao Tong University medical school, said.
  Nails, embroidery, these beauty lovers seem very common things, once a problem will seriously affect health.
nail disinfection is not strict, it may directly lead to infection of nail disease. "There were patients before, because they had onychomycosis on nail. Most nail shops only use alcohol to wipe nail tools, which is far from enough. Because alcohol can not destroy fungi, to eliminate fungi, iodine must be used. And not wipe it down a few times, you can do it. You have to rub it for more than 10 minutes. The knife that our hospital uses to scrape the nails of dermatological patients is to be baked directly on the alcohol lamp, so as to kill the fungus. Wang Wanjuan said, "manicures sometimes cover up some symptoms of nail disease.




  Perhaps nails have lesions, but because nail color, nail disease can not be detected in time.
  In addition, many manicure shops offer a kind of skin wound coloring. For this kind of beauty, Wang Wanjuan prompted: "Traumatic beauty has a more stringent disinfection standard for beauty tools than nails. Most nail salons on the market today don't even have a sanitary license, so it's hard to meet that standard.

       Nail manufacturer: is roadside nail shop safe? It's better to buy equipment and go home. 

  Who should manage the hygiene safety of nail shop?
  Who manages the nail shop? With this question, a reporter once interviewed the Shaanxi Provincial Administration for Industry and commerce.
  According to a person in charge of the Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce, said: "The vast majority of nail salons are self-employed, therefore, must apply for a business license. The business license only proves that the store has the right to operate, and the hygiene and safety problems in the store are not covered by the license. Asked about the treatment of unlicensed nail shops, the person in charge said: "The state has relevant punishment measures for unlicensed operation. When an unlicensed shop is discovered by means of inspection and mass reporting, it will be banned or rectified."


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  Business license is only the first step of market access, and it can not effectively regulate the safety and health of nail salons, let alone in these nail salons visited by reporters, most of them are reluctant to show business licenses.
  Nail shop business is booming, health and safety are worrying. "If not disinfected, nail tools will be used directly to the next customer, it is easy to get nail disease." Wang Wanjuan said.
  In this regard, the reporter interviewed the Environmental Hygiene Department of Shaanxi Health Inspection Institute. "We manage the scope of beauty venues, and nail salons alone, according to the relevant provisions can not be regarded as beauty venues." According to the Ministry of Health's Hygienic Standards for Beauty and Hairdressing Places, beauty parlors refer to non-invasive and non-invasive skin cleansing by means of manipulation, equipment, cosmetics, skin care and other products according to the customer's face shape, skin characteristics and requirements. Cleaning, nursing, maintenance, modification and other services. So at this level, nail salons alone are not really under the management of health supervision, nor do they have to apply for a health permit.


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  Reporters telephone asked Shaanxi Food and Drug Administration, the relevant people also said that their main regulatory areas are food and drugs, cosmetics and so on, nail salons safety and hygiene does not belong to its regulatory areas.
  Nail salon "three regardless" of the state, so that many nail salon shopkeepers directly played a "edge ball", will simply expand the business to embroidery, medical beauty and other fields. Because the nail salon itself does not require a sanitary license, it does not need to be filed in the health department. In fact, due to the lack of documentation, "cross-border" nail shops also make the relevant health departments very headache.



  Beauty salons and medical cosmetology belong to the administration of health administration. But these programs are set up in non-medical institutions such as nail salons, beyond the jurisdiction of the health sector. And the Administration for Industry and commerce, food and Drug Administration and other departments, but also unable to beauty, medical beauty
  Effective supervision. In this way, the nail shop has become the "grey area" of regulation.
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