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What are the differences between phototherapy and nail polish?

2018-08-13 admin 8

What are the differences between phototherapy and nail polish? Phototherapy nail polish is a common manicure and enjoys a large crowd. As a senior nail control, it is always concerned about nail dynamics, to understand the latest nail style. This is truly a nail control family. In the process of making manicure, the manicure Division will ask, "which nail art do you want to make?" Is phototherapy a nail polish or nail polish? What are the differences between the two?

First, popularize knowledge. What is phototherapy? Phototherapy nail is a kind of advanced simulated nail technology which solidifies the phototherapy gel through ultraviolet A ray. Using pure natural resin material, it can not only protect the function of nail and nail cover, but also correct nail shape effectively, making nail more penetrating and moving. Phototherapy A has the advantages of non-toxic and non-irritating chemicals, harmless to the human body, tasteless and without fragrance, does not affect the human body's respiratory and mental system. This is one of the reasons why phototherapy has been sold in the market. Nail polish is the simplest and easiest way to operate nails. Do you want to learn manicure? Which family is good in Shenzhen nail school? Crown beauty nail school is worth your favor.

Then, what are the differences between phototherapy and nail polish? It is not easy to lose the same point between light therapy and nail polish. But there is no way to use nail-washing water to unload phototherapy nail, can only be used to sharpen the file, and nail polish can be used to unload a special water unloading nail. In addition, phototherapy A is more expensive, usually more than 100 yuan, and nail polish fifty or sixty is OK. Phototherapy is more harmful to nails and less harmful to nails than nail polish.

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