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How long should the foot film be used?

2018-08-13 admin 7

In general, although the foot film can play a very good role in skin care, but its use is also very fastidious, especially in the use of frequency. So what happens if the foot membrane is used? Let's take a look at it.

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How often should the foot film be used?

Use it once a week.

Foot film is a kind of highly functional goods, and its main function is to soften the callus, dead skin and cutin, the secondary function is to moisturize the foot skin, because of its cleanliness is strong, so can not be used too often, at most only once a week, skin fragile two weeks or even once a month.

What happens if the foot film is used?

Skin sensibility

In order to ensure adequate cleaning capacity, the foot film also added a certain amount of chemical ingredients, such as propylene glycol, bamboo fat, and so on, although these ingredients have the ability to exfoliate, dead skin, but at the same time will cause certain irritation to the skin, especially sensitive skin, after the use of foot film, it is likely to appear stinging, burning and other discomfort.

Xerosis cutis

Foot because walking every day, so it is very easy to produce waste horny, heel especially waste horny disaster areas, when the horny is too thick, the skin will be difficult to absorb external moisture and nutrition, thus becoming dry and lack of water, and when the horny is too thin, the skin loses its own moisture lock, will become more dry Foot membranes have super exfoliating function. Frequent use of foot membranes may cause skin to become thin and dry.

Produce a foot

Foot membranes can remove dead skin and keratin on the feet, while dead skin and keratin on the feet can resist the destruction of foreign microorganisms and prevent the invasion of microorganisms and bacteria. When the dead skin and keratin are removed, microorganisms and bacteria will enter the skin more easily. If you don't pay attention to wearing shoes and socks, it is very likely to produce fungal beriberi.

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How can you reduce the injury of the foot membrane?

Although the use of foot membranes is dangerous to the skin, this does not mean that it can not be used. When choosing to buy foot membranes, try to choose a regular brand of foot membranes, while observing the composition of foot membranes, try to choose natural plant ingredients of foot membranes, and the amount of foot membranes on the market has added chemical components, if there is enough. Time, you may as well make your own foot film at home, so that both safe and reassuring, the following for everyone to reduce a few simple DIY foot film.

Recommended method of self-made foot membrane

Self made tea vinegar foot membrane

Ingredients: 7 grams of green tea and 30 grams of white vinegar.

Practice: Green tea will be boiled with hot water, tea and tea water will be separated, take tea in white vinegar mixed, the feet into tea vinegar water immersion, 10-15 minutes before taking out.

Efficacy: Green tea with fragrance can remove both feet beriberi, while white vinegar has the effect of cleaning the skin, can soften the dead skin of the feet, and remove the cutin of the feet, while relaxing the feet.

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Homemade yogurt foot mask

Ingredients: yogurt 150ml, rub a foot towel, white vinegar 30 grams, salt 15 grams.

Practice: first rub the feet with a rubbing towel, wash off the dead skin on the surface of the feet, and then 30 grams of white vinegar and 15 grams of salt mixing, mix and soak the feet into them, 15-20 minutes later with clean water to clean the feet, wipe off the excess moisture, will be 150 ml yogurt on the feet, massage 3 minutes later with clean water to clean.

Efficacy: Scrubbing foot towel can gently remove the dead skin on the surface of the feet, so that skin absorption is enhanced, while white vinegar, salt, yoghurt have a cleaning effect, can remove cutin at the same time, moisturize the skin of the feet.

Self made papaya podocyte

Material: a papaya.

Practice: Papaya rinse peeled seeds, put into the juice extractor, papaya juice and pulp directly smeared on the feet, wrapped with plastic film, wait about 10 minutes, tear off the plastic film and clean the feet with water.

Efficacy: Papaya is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, which can gently remove skin keratin and improve skin color.

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