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Does the foot film desquamate have side effects?

2018-08-13 admin 22

Generally speaking, proper use of the foot membrane will not have side effects, but the wrong use of foot membrane peeling may have side effects, such as long time to do use, frequent use of foot membrane and so on. Let's take a look at it.

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Does the foot film desquamate have side effects?

Proper use of peeling has no side effects.

Foot membranes themselves are used to remove dead skin from the feet. They have no side effects and can make the skin of the feet smoother, but if used improperly, they can damage the skin of the feet.

Side effects are too long to use the podocyte.

About the use time of foot film, according to the use of different products, the use time is also different, usually home-made foot film use time will be longer, the market foot film products, generally use 30-45 minutes, the specific length of time or according to the product packaging instructions to decide, in use can not exceed the prescribed use. Otherwise, the foot will overclean the feet, causing the feet to cause dry, itchy and other side effects.

Frequent use of the foot membrane has side effects.

Foot membranes contain corrosive ingredients and are usually used once a week. If the skin is sensitive to the feet or the skin itself is dry, it is recommended to use once a month. Frequent use of foot membranes can make the cuticle of the foot too thin, thus losing its protective and defensive effects, so that bacteria and fungi will be more likely to invade the skin of the foot, resulting in a series of foot skin problems, such as Hong Kong feet.

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Correct method of using foot membrane

1.Before using the foot film, it is best to soak the foot with hot water first, which can help the foot relax, at the same time make the skin pores of the foot open, release the function of the foot film later.

2.After washing the feet, wipe the feet clean with a towel, tear off the foot film packaging, put both feet into the foot film, with both hands to the foot membrane as far as possible heel contact, so that the essence of the foot film fully wrapped feet.

3.After waiting for 60-120 minutes, remove the foot membrane and rinse your feet with clean water.

4.Apply body milk or moisturizing cream to help feet better replenishment and water locking.

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Skin test is necessary before using the foot membrane.

Foot film contains propylene glycol, bamboo grease and other components with strong cleaning force, with a certain degree of corrosiveness, so not all skin is suitable for foot film, in order to prevent adverse reactions after the use of foot film, before using foot film, must do skin testing, the specific method is to tear the foot film, take the internal essence, smear in the arm or On the thigh skin, wait for 30 minutes to wash, and then after 30 minutes, if no abnormal reaction, then start the formal use of foot film.

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